I am an American artist, writer, and photographer who is working and living in Milan as an art and art history teacher.  I moved to the boot in an inspired attempt to beat the current financial crisis—working, traveling, writing, painting, and enjoying life. You will find that I am fascinated with this country and culture, and I am obsessed with becoming a part of the fabric of this society. My deep love comes from my Italian-American roots, and I have a great appreciation for history and culture. I am a girl traveling through her mid-twenties, and I’m determined to give you the Italian experience behind its alluring masquerade.

Living as an expat in Italy is like taking on Mt. Everest: once you arrive at the summit, you look back and say, ‘Screw turning back, getting here was ridiculously treacherous.”‘  This could be my opening line to and article written about battles with Italian bureaucracy and one small reason why expats are tempted to stick in Italia: they worked too hard to become comfortably stabalized expats!  Besides my little analogy, it is the passion for this beautiful lover, this incredible paradoxical country that blinds me to its flaws and allows me to live “La Dolce Vita.”

The movie,“The Sound of Music,” gave me the goal to sing and spin on windy mountaintop worlds. Therefore, in varied senses of that analogy—I try to spin freely when I find the chances in life. For now, I am marveling in my new Spaghetti land adventures. Who knows where this road will go—least of all me! The Odyssey, “Wandering in Italia”.


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